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The ability to obtain and use data which is associated with this internet domain (the "Site") is dependent upon these Terms and Conditions of Use. Through the use of this internet site, the reader ("you") agrees to remain confined by these Agreements, even if you haven’t read them. If you do not go along with these Provisions of Use, you shouldn't enter the website. This website is made accessible for your use by Boom Content LLC (Boom Content LLC, 1000 N West Street - Suite 1200, Wilmington (DE) 19801, USA). Boom Content LLC can potentially, at its discernment, modify a number of these Terms of Use at any point in time, and those variations will most definitively be in place immediately after the being published on our website. Your ongoing utilization of our website will imply your recognition for these adapted Terms of Use.


The goods and features supplied or referenced here on this internet domain are dependent upon accessibility to their services and offerings. Additionally, the availability for sale of solution or service varieties or unique merchandise is, without question, vulnerable to changes by Boom Content LLC , within its sole judgment, whenever they like, unexpectedly. Consideration of particular product varieties in these Terms and Conditions of Use isn't an automatic promise that such merchandise or offering varieties may be obtained for purchase on the Site or otherwise. The value ranges expressed in regards to such services and products can change without notice. Additionally, Boom Content LLC reserves all legal rights to decrease regular continual charges in every point in time when it comes to the intention of marketing.

Resources and Information

This internet site might possibly have inaccuracies or typographic issues that could be modified, as soon as they are noticed, and at the discretion of Boom Content LLC . Modifications Regarding the Web site Alterations may very well be implemented for any point in time to information, data, projects, programs, display images, pictures, or other resources that are included on the Boom Content LLC website.


Boom Content LLC may at any point in time, and at its sole discretion, improve these Terms of Use, including, and without restriction, the Privacy Policies, with or without notification to customers. Such customizations will be in effect promptly upon posting. You agree to review these Terms and Conditions of Use frequently as a part of your continued utilization of this internet site. If you continue to use the site following such variations, then that will indicate your acceptance of those modified Terms of Use. If you do not adapt to any of the modifications of these Terms and Conditions of Use, you ought to immediately stop using this Site.

Privacy Statement

Boom Content LLC 's material protocol with this internet site are managed by Boom Content LLC 's privacy statement. Kindly view this privacy statement and make a duplicate specifically for your documentation. Our website does not gather private statistics from minors who are under the age of 13 years old.

Clickable Links

This internet site may include referral links to or references to 3rd party online resources. Each hyperlink is supplied for your convenience only. No endorsement of alternative goods, features or data is acknowledged or inferred by any information and facts, source material or internet site content of third parties that is indicated on this website. Any statistics, research, participation, advice, services or products offered by these types of organizations by means of links to other web pages or otherwise presented by means of their own internet websites are only those related to others but not of Boom Content LLC or its affiliated websites. Your usage of such third party websites means that you are abiding to their privacy statements and their Terms and Conditions of Use.


In terms of giving sign up and transactional information to Boom Content LLC , you must include correct information about yourself, and you are required to keep and edit registration information in order to keep it valid and whole. If Boom Content LLC possesses reasonable evidence to sense that such data is false, wrong, not updated, or not complete, Boom Content LLC uses the power to suspend or bring to an end your account, as well as decline each current or future use of one's account. In taking advantage of this internet site you concur that you are not going to: (a) engage in any mass mailing communications that were not requested by the individuals or entities receiving it; (b) misrepresent yourself or your relationship to any business or individual; (c) do anything to mailings that will hide wherever the content happened to come from; (d) harass and/or threaten other individuals using the messaging system; (e) engage in any sort of action that results in masking your identity; (f) sending too many responses to the webpage in an attempt to prevent use or (g) flood others’ inboxes and email addresses with useless emails and spam (usually referred to as “flooding”). To the extent that the subsequent actions are restrained by appropriate legislation, by using this internet site you are not going to: (a) use the Site for whatever unlawful purposes, with regard to abuse of appropriate laws or regulations; (b) generate web pages that contain links that initiate downloads of materials that are illegal or that infringe copyright; (c) use electronic means to stalk or harass another person; or (d) interact with by using whatever Web-based ventures that, in fact, would violate the personal security rights of other people, as well as although not just for, amassing in addition to doling out information about On-line users whilst not having their contract, but as condoned by applicable legislation. To the extent that all of the actions materially interfere with this website or the community as well as systems of a Boom Content LLC service specialist ("Service"), you won't: (a) post, spread or disperse worms, viruses or various other dangerous, disruptive or damaging documents, code or software programs on this Site; (b) Use bots that plug into IRCs for the entire day or employ difficult strategies to harm these chats, (c) disallow others to utilize IRC; (d) prevent the website from working in the manner that it should or disallow others to interact with the exchanges on the site; (e) do damage, harm, or cause other problems to machines and/or platforms which utilize the Boom Content LLC service. (f) hack into the accounts of others who utilize the site, (g) invade the website by bypassing any security messages or walls that are in place, (g) bypass passwords on this site or on other websites, or (h) perform functions related to denial of service and flooding the website with traffic so it cannot be utilized appropriately.


Boom Content LLC will not accept, by any stretch of transmission, any uninvited submissions, in any variation at all including, whilst not having restriction, any marketing, advertising and/or creative submission of any type (hereinafter regarded as "Submissions"). In case you see fit to forward to us any kind of Submission, then by doing so, you bring to attention that said Submission hasn't been solicited by us and that (1) we're not accountable for any use, exposure, or return to you of your own Submission, (2) no confidential partnership is started or will be inferred in any aspect from our receipt of the Submission and any statement to the contrary with the Submission shall not modify this condition, (3) you understand that you may never be owed any wage by making use of us according to your Submission, (4) the receipt of your own Submission shall not represent a waiver by us in our rights to challenge the validity of whatever intellectual property, or other intellectual property rights that you would so far or hereafter assert for your Submission, and (5) any formerly, concurrently or subsequently supplied resources with connection to this Submission will have to be thought to have already been submitted with regards to these conditions.


You happen to be, by and large, responsible for putting in place a passcode and for retaining your passcode without disclosure to anyone else. Not one person by making use of Boom Content LLC will be sanctioned to supply your passcode to you in case that you lose it. If you have lost track of your passcode, click on the "Forgot Passcode?" hyperlink at the top of the computer screen. Comply with the directions that are listed there, and a hyperlink to alter your passcode will be emailed to you personally. You are also responsible for keeping an eye on who utilizes the computer(s) that you access your Boom Content LLC account from. By using the site, you are stating that you are accountable for everything that happened with your account, whether it is you or someone else using it at the time.


In case you believe that your energy and efforts has also been imitated in a fashion that comprises infringement of your own intellectual property, it is recommended that you provide Boom Content LLC 's intellectual property association with the written information specified below. Kindly realize that this process is primarily for alerting Boom Content LLC and its associates that your personal copyrighted intellectual property has been infringed upon. A signature, either digital or physical, of the person who is taking care of the intellectual property and has the permission to do so. Proof and account of the work or property that has been infringed. Specific location(s) of where the work is located on the website. Any information with which you can be contacted by Boom Content LLC , including your email address(es), phone number(s), and/or physical address. Proclamation which explains that you, in good faith, believe that the use in question is not in accordance with your intellectual property rights. A declaration that the above data is considered to be your intellectual property, or that you can act on behalf of the owner of the copyright. This is under punishment of perjury. If you are looking to get in contact with Boom Content LLC ’s administrator that deals with intellectual property issues for any of the reasons listed above, then you can reach Boom Content LLC at


The materials shown on or contained within this website such as, lacking restriction, all Site software, layout, text, editorial materials, educational text, photos, images, games, video and audio footage, short movies, graphics and various other graphic resources, and any of the logos or trademarks related to them (the "Materials"), are known as the property of Boom Content LLC or those who license the property and therefore are protected by intellectual property, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Boom Content LLC name, pattern and related marks are trademarks of Boom Content LLC 2009 Boom Content LLC All rights reserved. Boom Content LLC hereby grants you a personal authorization (which cannot be transferred or used by any other person(s)) to make use of and display the Resources for noncommercial as well as personal use only; providing you uphold all copyright and various other notices contained in such Materials. You agree will not do anything to any of the Resources to any alternative party (including, without limitation, the display and intent to distribute Materials via a third party web-page), particularly if you are lacking express prior written consent of Boom Content LLC Use of Resources is only permitted while using express written permission of Boom Content LLC and/or those who licensed it. You further agree that you'll not modify the Resources that you are provided in any way, shape, or form. This Section will survive the conclusion of your right to use this Site.



Restriction OF Responsibility

Boom Content LLC , nor its affilate company, nor its officeholders, representatives, employees, or other related persons are, in no event, responsible for any issues that may occur on the site. this includes loss of data issues, loss of profit, property damage, loss of property, and/or claims by third parties. Boom Content LLC and its associates are also not responsible for any issues related to information, materuals, recommendations, and other materials that you are granted access to on this website. Your membership and password is also not guaranteed via our website. As the law allows, this separation of obligation applies to any and all situations, and will continue, even if you are no longer utilizing the services on this site. Any losses that sustain through using this site (either indirectly or directly) are your responsibility.


You are in agreement that you recompense and deem without blame Boom Content LLC and also those websites which are affiliated with them, and their directors, associations, and other staff members from any assertions, obligations, and expenditures. This is inclusive of any and all costs that are related to legal situations in relation to (a) your transgression of these particular Terms and Conditions of Use; and (b) your utility of this Site, which may possibly include spread or setting of data or material from you on this web page. This provision shall persist beyond the separation of your own right to enjoy and access the materials that are available on this Site.


All legal claims, issues, or controversies (in any situation or legal document, whether in the past, present, or in the future) arising out of or with reference to: (a) Terms and Conditions of Use; (b) this website; (c) promotional campaigns or marketing campaigns that are connected to the usage of this website and/or the Terms and Conditions listed here; or (d) any monetary transactions that have happened by way of this website; or (e) the involvement that happens as a result of the Terms and Conditions that are listed here (this includes any relations with other businesses and organizations that are not necessarily bound to the Terms and Conditions that are discussed here (referred to as “Claims”). Any and all of these claims will be taken to and decided by settlements that are taken care of the Federal Arbitration Act; thus making them implemented via the American Arbitration Settlement Association, according to the regulations that they follow in order to resolve any and all consumer related issues or under guidelines that are otherwise stated in other contexts. For the reason that this type of resolution is necessary for individuals to be provided with a distinct method of resolving the issues; you also concur that, to the extent as permitted by legal regulations, you are giving up any right that you may have to go into a class action settlement versus Boom Content LLC that is relevant to any of the claims that you may have previously taken up with the company. No matter what the circumstance, this provision will persist, even after you have ended your relationship with Boom Content LLC and your ability to utilize the website.


Boom Content LLC has the right to decide, at any time, to terminate your access and use of the website.


All of these Terms and Conditions absolutely must be managed by, interpreted by, and provided in according with all of the legal regulations as set forth by the country of the United States of America, without the need for regard to its conflict of legal guidelines and requirements.


This site might comprise of a number of different pieces of information. These may have inaccuracies in the technical or structural sense. When they are noticed by Boom Content LLC , they have the ability to be corrected, at their discretion. On a regular basis, Boom Content LLC will also take the time to look over the information on the website and keep it up to date with changes.


Monthly Packages.

All Boom Content LLC monthly service packages make it possible for those who subscribe to them to get into the Site’s library of various materials, including trial games, music, videos, and other media. They gain access to these materials by paying a recurring monthly payment. It’s possible to make use of as much of the content as you wish to within the Site’s library. Access to Your Boom Content LLC Membership If you choose to utilize the “Remember Me” Option for your Boom Content LLC profile, there are cookies that are utilized in order to help your browser bring up your user name and password, along with other types of account information, on future visits to the website. As soon as you go back to the website, the info that you presented during your previous visit can be located. This ensures that you don’t have to enter your user name and password every time that you want to enter back into the site’s content. Even though these cookies are meant to be somewhat of a convenience to you, the user, you need to remember that anyone who accesses your computer can access your account if you are using the “Remember Me” option. These persons who access your computer can get to your profile and take a look at different details about your profile; they will also have the ability to change any of your information and add to the purchases you have already made. There are some things that they cannot access, including your complete Payment Card data.

Consent to Electronic Interactions with Boom Content LLC .

By utilizing this site and signing up for an account, you are giving your consent to receive communications from Boom Content LLC concerning anything related to their monthly membership service. You may receive communications on a monthly basis via your email, or you may see them posted on the public areas of the Boom Content LLC website. The form of communication will be determined by Boom Content LLC and its discretion. You are also in agreement that any expectations that are brought forward by notice, agreement, manifestation, or additional interactions be sent to you by Boom Content LLC in a written format is also satisfied via the electronic communication methods described above. You also are in agreement that Boom Content LLC can also send electronic communications that will give you updated information related to your profile and membership, and will also grant any important resources and info that is pertaining to the services provided by Boom Content LLC . These can include new products or offerings that are featured by Boom Content LLC . You also agree that any of these communications are part of the agreement that you have made by registering with Boom Content LLC ’s services and website.

How to Sign Up.

To join the Site, you have to supply Boom Content LLC with your contact information, which includes your email address, your full name, your contact information, and the Payment Type that you are planning on using in order to pay for your membership. When you sign up for Boom Content LLC ’s website, you will note that there are two main types of service memberships that you can sign up for. The first is the standard account, and the second is the premium membership. If you have chosen to maintain a standard profile, then you will NOT be asked to pay for any of the services that you have access to. That being said, Boom Content LLC still keeps your credit card information on file in case you upgrade or purchase any of the available services that are on the website. If you decide to upgrade to the premium membership service at any point; that is when you will have a recurring monthly fee that will accrue on your Payment Type. When you start using a Premium membership service for the site, and by agreeing to utilize all of the different benefits that the Site offers, you are also in agreement that you will allow Boom Content LLC and those who work with them to make the appropriate charges (both for the monthly plan and any related taxes and fees) to your Payment Type so that you can continue with your membership benefits. Boom Content LLC will charge your Payment Type in whatever intervals you have chosen (every month, every 3 months, every 6 months, etc), on what is referred to as the renewal date of your plan, until you have decided to terminate your use of the Boom Content LLC site, or Boom Content LLC has terminated your account. To put it in perspective; if you decide to start doing a membership plan, and you started the Premium Membership on the 17th of December, then you will recur the charges on the 17th of every month; on that day, your Payment Type will be charged the appropriate amount for your monthly payments. If you had started your account on a day that does not exist in every month (for example, the 31st of May), then what will happen is that your Payment Type will be charged on the first day of the month after (for example, if you started on the 31st of May, and you were renewing in June, the renewal date would be July 1st instead, since there is no June 31st). You should note that you are not going to be given any sort of receipt or slip that shows that you have been paying these costs on a recurring basis. That being said, you also agree that you are going to pay any and all of the premium service fees (including any taxes), in regards to the Payment Type that you are using to pay your Boom Content LLC monthly account fees. You also agree to pay any other costs that you may incur that are pertaining to your Boom Content LLC account.

Pending Charges for Payment Cards.

Should your Payment Type be a credit card or charge card of any type, you also are permitting Boom Content LLC to make a pending fee to your current Payment Type the moment that you enroll in the membership, and before each repeated monthly charge. Pending fees are only there to ensure that your Payment Type is still valid and that you are still using the same billing address; these fees do not actually get charged to the card at all; instead, they are taken off after a few days’ time. Pending fees, while they are still pending, may still reduce the amount of credit that you have available for your use (it’s usually approximately $1 for each fee you have waiting).

Fees which are Connected to your Payment Method.

When you are utilizing a Payment Type, you are the one who is responsible for any type of fee that is invoiced to the card by the company that has issued your card. These fees may include any service fees, limit penalties, overdraft preventions, monthly credit card fees, and over your credit limit fees, depending on the provider and your particular credit account.

Promotional Offers.

On occasion, in Boom Content LLC ’s discretion, the Boom Content LLC may decide to offer reduced subscription fees, either to those who are just signing up for the website, or for certain customers who have been on the website for a period of time. If you decide to utilize one of these offers, your Payment Method will be charged the promotional amount (including taxes and other possible fees) after you have completed registration for the site (or signing up for the offer, if you are already a customer. For any of these offers, you are understanding that the promotional cost is only going to applied to your account during the period that has been specified; when the promotional period has ended, you will be charged the standard amount on a recurring monthly basis (unless you have canceled your account). Every promotion that the website offers is different, and may include different costs and durations depending on the promotion that is being offered. The details that are related to the offer that you have taken may not be covered in the Terms and Conditions; if that is the case, then you will see an explanation of those details when you register for the site. Boom Content LLC has the right to give promotional access to various other sites, and to selected subscribers to Boom Content LLC ’s site or other sites.


Occasionally, Boom Content LLC will also offer trials to those who are trying the website for the first time. This usually has limits of some sort (one per household and/or Payment Type is usually the standard). Even though it is a trial, the customer is still required to provide their credit card information during registration – the card will be approved in that time, but it won’t be charged at all. If there are other terms of these offers, including the period of time that the trial lasts, those can vary based on the promotion. Any details not covered in the Terms and Conditions are presented to you when you sign up for the website. The trial will start the day that you subscribe to the Boom Content LLC subscription. Once your trial has ended, your registration to the website will renew automatically. Payments will be made on the same day every month, or as indicated by what you agreed to as part of your registration process. These automatic payments will continue, until you have made the decision to terminate them, no matter how long the trial period may have been. It is recommended that you take note; the prices that you pay may be different, depending on what device you are using, what service(s) you are paying for, and the country that you currently reside it. It may also differ based on promotions and offers as well. After your trial has ended, that first day, your Payment Type will be invoiced, and that will become your renewal date for the future recurring monthly costs and applicable taxes that are related to the service plan that you agreed to. This will happen, unless you cancel it before the trial period has ended. If you do not cancel the monthly package before the trial period has completed, then you WILL BE CHARGED for a month of service via your Payment Type. Take note: the Boom Content LLC will not notify you to let you know that your trial period is about to end. Because of this, Boom Content LLC recommends that you keep track of the trial’s expiration date for your own records and related purposes. While the trial is still in effect, you will have access to all of the benefits that Boom Content LLC has available through their online services, with no charge to you. The monthly subscription fees may be terminated or changed at any point in time before your respective trial ends. You can do this by calling 1-877-801-9071 for United States and Canadian citizens, or you can call 1-302-824-0109 if you are an international customer of Boom Content LLC ; this number is available 0AM to 12PM. If you decide to make a change during the period of time in which your trial is valid, and before it is completed, the rest of your trial will be eliminated and the charge card will be asked to pay the charges for the plan that you have changed to.


Boom Content LLC , at the time that these Terms and Conditions have been written, offers five different content categories for members: books, online games, movies, music, and a membership that grants access to all four other categories. On occasion, Boom Content LLC may also add in other categories for membership content, at their discretion. If a person has registered for one of the specific categories that Boom Content LLC offers, they may be given a promotion that allows them to upgrade their plan to the “all access” type for a cost of $2.95 or they may have a promotional cost associated with the upgrade. This will be made known during registration. If a user decides to upgrade, their new membership will follow the previous Terms and Conditions that were applicable during the membership that was signed up for initially, but they will now have access to other areas of the site.

Refusal of Fees to Your Payment Card And Expiration Date

As you likely know, credit cards have an expiration date. If the initial expiration date of your Payment Type occurs while you are still subscribed to Boom Content LLC ’s membership service, and you do not cancel it or change your payment information ahead of time, then Boom Content LLC will continue billing the previous Payment Type for your monthly services. In the case that your Payment Type, for any reason, refuses to pay your recurring membership, then there are a few things in place which allow you to possibly continue your membership. For nine days, you are able to rectify the issue, whether it is by updating your current Payment Type’s expiration date or by adding a new Payment Type to your account. If, within that nine day period of time, one of the Payment Types that you have on record with Boom Content LLC is able to be charged for your monthly subscription fee, then you will maintain your benefits without interruption and the card will be charged for any and all recurring payments following until your account has been terminated. If, on the tenth day, you have not rectified the issue, then you will lose access to your account until the issue has been rectified. Boom Content LLC will attempt to charge a card every 10 days following that 10th day, over a 30 day period of time. Once again, if the card is able to be charged, then your benefits will be reinstated and the date in which your card was able to be charged will become your new monthly renewal date. As above, that card will then be the one that is charged from that point forward, until you have canceled or Boom Content LLC has terminated your account.

Cancellation by You.

The repeated Boom Content LLC Monthly Bundle payment is applicable for the bundle period, beginning on the first day that you have paid your account. The account will remain opened until the following renewal date. For instance, if you choose to have a monthly bundle that starts with a trial, and that trial ends on the 1st of May, that means that your monthly bundle will begin on May 2nd, and that month of subscription will last until June 1st, when your Payment Type will be asked to pay again for the following period of time (in this case, June 2nd to July 1st). It’s possible, at any point, to cancel your Boom Content LLC online bundle, and then you won’t be asked to pay for any subsequent renewals until you start your account back up again. To use the above illustration, if you decided to cancel your membership on June 12th, then you would not be charged on July 1st for the following monthly services. But, you would still have access to your monthly services until July 1st. This would be the same for any day of the month; so even if you canceled as late as June 30th, you would still only have account access until July 1st. If you are seeking to terminate your monthly subscription, then you can call Boom Content LLC at 1-877-801-9071 (Canada and United States), or you can call 1-302-824-0109 if you are an international customer of Boom Content LLC . The hours that you can call are 0AM to 12PM. Whenever you look to cancel your account, you will be asked to grant Boom Content LLC with the details related to why you have decided to terminate it.

Modification of Boom Content LLC Online Monthly Bundles

If you are looking to downgrade, upgrade, and/or modify in any other manner, your monthly bundle plan with Boom Content LLC , you can do so unless there are issues related to your account (lapses in payments, incorrect Payment Type information, etc). If you are seeking to modify your monthly subscription, then you can call Boom Content LLC at 1-877-801-9071 , or you can call 1-302-824-0109 if you are an international customer of Boom Content LLC . The hours that you can call are 0AM to 12PM. At that point in time, you will be requested to give permission to Boom Content LLC so that your Payment type can be charged for any repeating monthly bundle charges. At this time, you will also be consenting that Boom Content LLC and those associated with Boom Content LLC to continue to charge your Payment Type for the new recurring monthly fee (plus the taxes and fees that may be related to it), on the renewal date that you had. This permission will be granted until you have terminated your Boom Content LLC bundle, whether by your own choice or the choice of Boom Content LLC . The new plan that you have chosen will start on what would have been the next applicable renewal date for your previous membership.

Boom Content LLC Initiated Cancellations.

Boom Content LLC can terminate or suspend a Boom Content LLC bundle or make it so that you are not able to utilize all areas of the site. This can happen without warning and at the discernment of the Boom Content LLC and their agents.

Abuse, Piracy, and Fraud

Any of the games or other media that are delivered via this website are for your own personal use, and cannot be used for any sort of commercial gains. Boom Content LLC does not allow or accept any distribution, copying, or any other type of copyright or intellectual property infringement for those companies and third parties that may be related to the Boom Content LLC through these services.

Cancellation or Modifications to Program by Boom Content LLC .

Boom Content LLC has the right to make changes related to the services that are provided at this website. These changes may include, but are not limited to, coupons, trials, in store purchase amounts, trial products. They can do this at any point, and they do not need to grant customers with prior notification before these changes occur. Also, Boom Content LLC can change any of the fees related to the monthly bundle services that Boom Content LLC offers, or the number of purchases that one person can make at a time. That being said, if those fee changes are going to affect you in a negative manner, then Boom Content LLC has to contact you with that information, via electronic communication. Unless you cancel your account before those changes occur, you will be charged whatever the new account charges will be, on a recurring basis, including any taxes or additional fees that you may be charged via your state or local vicinity. The account charges will happen on the renewal date that follows the date that the changes occur. Boom Content LLC also has the ability to end any of the services related to Boom Content LLC online service bundles; without any limitations. They can stop offering any or all of the bundles, promotions, or coupons that Boom Content LLC offers at any point in time, without any need of notification to customers at the time. This can also apply to providing service to particular areas of the world; Boom Content LLC can do this without notice as well. All of the above things are done at the discretion of Boom Content LLC . By using this site, you are in agreement that the monthly bundle that Boom Content LLC offers does not offer retail sales or credit extensions, so Boom Content LLC has the ability and permission to terminate your monthly account at any point. This is void in areas in which it is prohibited.


Boom Content LLC will always charge and all fees and taxes that may be related to the usage of Boom Content LLC ’s online services in the area in which you reside.


Really Simple Syndication feeds, usually referred to as “RSS” or “RSS feeds”, are produced in order for you to receive any important information and details from Boom Content LLC ’s website or your Boom Content LLC account without necessarily having to go to the website. These RSS’s are made available through what is called an RSS reader – you simply have to utilize the XML based URL provided by Boom Content LLC at their website. The reader that you utilize is at your own discretion. By applying the use of RSS feeds that have your Boom Content LLC account information on there (including any activity that has occurred on your account recently), you recognize that it is at your own risk. If you decide to use these RSS feeds, then you are in agreement that any information and resources that are in the feed are going to be transmitted to the reader which you are using to access the RSS content. Boom Content LLC does not utilize the RSS feeds to grant your personal information that can be used to identify you, but many times, the RSS can cause that information to be linked to you in some manner. By using the RSS feed, you are acknowledging that you accept any risks that may be associated with it. RSS feed usage is completely optional and at your own prudence; it can never be used for material gain or personal usage. You are not allowed to change or remove anything in the RSS feeds, including any attributions that may be made to Boom Content LLC or its associates. Because Boom Content LLC does not guarantee these RSS feeds, they also have the right to eliminate the use of RSS feeds, or change how they work, at any point in time, and without notifying you. Boom Content LLC is not liable for anything related to the RSS feed, including damages or losses.


While you are bound by the Boom Content LLC Terms and Conditions, the downloads of online games and other media are also bound by additional Terms and Services, referred to as the Download Terms and Services. By downloading any of the provided media, you are legally bound to all of the Download Terms and Conditions that are discussed in this section of this document. These Download Terms and Conditions are able to be modified at any point, and by the discretion of Boom Content LLC . They do not need to notify users before these changes occur. Boom Content LLC also has the right, at any point, to make any changes, including addition or removal, to the services that are currently provided on the site, partially or on the whole. Any part of these Download Terms and Conditions that are modified are effective as soon as they are posted to the website. Whatever current Download Terms and Conditions are on the website are the ones that are adhered to at that point in time, and supersede any Download Terms and Conditions that were previously utilized. The current version can be found, via a hyperlink, at the bottom of the Boom Content LLC website. Because of how often the Download Terms and Conditions may change, you will want to take the time to review them. If you continue to utilize the download services on the Boom Content LLC website, then you are stating that you have accepted whatever is stated in the newest version of the Download Terms and Conditions.

Persons Under the Age of 18.

In order to have access to this website and to download any of the media that is offered here, then you are required to have internet accessibility, a Payment Type that is valid (an account or card connected to an account), and an email address that is currently being utilized by you. Any and all of the materials offered here, including graphics, videos, audio information, text, and other references that are made available for download by the Boom Content LLC and its affiliate websites via specific licenses (referred to from this point forward as Premium Content), are meant for those who are 18 years of age or older. When referred to collectively, the site’s content and the Premium Content will be referred to as “Download Content.” In order to utilize any of the services that are offered by the Site, or to download any of the Premium Content made available, you are either stating that you are between the ages of 13 and 18 and you have the permission of a parent or guardian to utilize the content here, or that you are older than 18.


Complying with Terms. If you are visiting, using the services, or you are using any of the Premium Content that is offered via this website, then you are, in a sense, agreeing that you will follow all of the different Download Terms and Services that are being discussed here. Because of this agreement, you will not do any of the following: Try to, encourage someone else to, or assist another person with modifying any of the applications or software that is provided by the Boom Content LLC services. That you will not utilize the Download Content or the services of Boom Content LLC for any sort of material gain. You also understand and accept that Boom Content LLC has a few rights related to these services. These rights include: Stopping or canceling any of the services that are provided by Boom Content LLC . Change any of the Terms and Conditions that are related to your usage of the services and/or the content on this website. In either of these cases, Boom Content LLC does not hold any obligation to the customer in regards to the changes that are being made. Also, if you choose to purchase and/or view any of the Premium Content that is provided (the restrictions are discussed below), you also are in agreement that you will do the following: You will install any and all of the software applications that are utilized to access Boom Content LLC Premium Content. You will supply Boom Content LLC with any and all information about yourself, at the time of registration, that they require, and that the information you supply is true, accurate, and complete. This is necessary in order to create your membership. If you have any changes to your information, then you will go into the system and change it as soon as the changes are applicable to you. Boom Content LLC has every right to refuse to do business with any person, at any point, for any reason (or for no reason at all). Any violation of these Download Terms and Conditions, including supplying Boom Content LLC with incorrect personal information or Payment details, allows Boom Content LLC to terminate or suspend any admittance to the website, without notifying you. In those cases, you are required to destroy any of the copies of the Premium Content that you may have possession of at the point in time that your service has been terminated. If there are other violations, Boom Content LLC has the ability, within its discretion, to pursue legal action or other remedies necessary in relation to violating the Download Terms and Conditions or any rights related to the copyrights of those downloads.

Payment Situations for Premium Content.

If you are seeking a license to view Premium Content, then Boom Content LLC will charge a license fee each and every time that you wish to access one of these pieces of content (referred to as the “Licensing Fees” from now forward). The cost of the Licensing Fees is made known to you when you are making the purchase of the Premium Content. The payment for these Licensing Fees can be done using your Payment Type, and by downloading the content, you are allowing Boom Content LLC and any of its agents to go through with the transactions at that point in time. If you allow or request it, we can also keep the Payment Type information connected to your account, which will allow us to charge the Payment Type when you are checking out Premium Content in the future. If you are downloading this content, then you are also in agreement that, if you falsely state that your Payment Type that was utilized to get the Premium Content from Boom Content LLC without your permission, or you say that the Payment Type was stolen from you, then Boom Content LLC , at its own discretion, can pursue any legal remedies related to the issue at hand. There are no limitations to this, they do not need to notify you of it ahead of time, and it can include the termination of and inability to use the Boom Content LLC online services.


Premium Content License. The Premium Content can include any content (games, media) that you pay a price for so that you can utilize the content for a certain period of time. It also includes any of the content (games, movies, other media) which you can download, upgrade, or buy from the site for your permanent use. The latter is referred to as “Retained Content.”

Content License

When you have paid for the Licensing Fee for your Premium Content, Boom Content LLC will give you a license to utilize the media in a private manner, either in your Residence or a Non-Residential Location (with restrictions, which are discussed below). You can utilize this license on one device, either a computer or another type of electronic device, which has been approved by Boom Content LLC for this use. In order to use the device, you must be connected (via the internet) to the Boom Content LLC website and service via that device. In order to do so, you have to comply with every one of the Download Terms and Conditions that are discussed here. At that point, you will be able to save the Content to your hard disk via Boom Content LLC ’s website. At no time are you allowed to move that Premium Content to any other location or device, and you are not allowed to copy it, either. The license has a limited duration; either 24 hours after you have first viewed the media, or within 30 days of the download of the media (whichever comes first). There are cases where this may differ, and the license time will be shorter, but you will be notified of that when you purchase the license. There are certain times where Boom Content LLC will allow you to extend your license into another 24 hour period of time. If you decide to purchase the additional license or extend your license, it falls under the same guidelines as the previous download. When you download this content, you are in agreement and you comprehend that you cannot access the Premium Content after the license has expired.

Here are the terms necessary to understand this section of the Download Terms and Conditions:

The term “Residence” refers to a private home in which a person and/or family resides. It can also refer to an office unit that is private. This never includes public places in which you may have a private room, such as a motel, hotel, or hospital. It also does not include any communal living spaces, any pubs, and any eating establishments. Any other structures, rooms, or offices that are open to the public or to those who reside in different units are not included, and if an admission fee is charged, it is not considered a Residence either. The term “Non Residential Use” (with permission) only refers to private usage by one person or multiple persons on some sort of video monitor device (TV, laptops, etc), but is viewed in a Non Residential Venue. This, however, does not include Non Residential Venues in which you have to pay a fee in order to gain access to, or for various other general purposes. It also does not include any monitors made available by contract or arrangements at those Non Residential Venues. Any Non Residential Venue is referring to anywhere that isn’t a Residence or Home.

Retained Content License

When the Licensing Fee has been paid, Boom Content LLC will give you a limited license that cannot be transferred to any other person or entity and it is also not exclusive to you. You will have a limited copyright license that allows you to utilize, watch, and/or display the content in Your Residence or the Non-Residential Venue (with permissions, as stated above). This license is subject to the following regulations: With your license, you are allowed to have a copy of the Retained Content permanently on your hard drive (either on your PC or on a device that you have express permission to utilize via Boom Content LLC ; it must be the device that the Retained Content was downloaded on, from the website, via an internet connection. You are allowed to make a solitary back up copy of the Retained Content that you have purchased; it must be on some sort of media that can be removed (DVD, etc), and it must be saved in the exact format in which the original was downloaded to your PC. When you purchase the license, you may (depending on permission from Boom Content LLC ), put the Retained Content on 2 other computers and/or devices for the same personal use. This and the details for the previous copy are referred to as “Additional Copies.” For you to use any of the Additional Copies that you have made, specifically those on other devices, you must obtain another license. You do this by connecting the device you wish to make the copy on to the Boom Content LLC website, via the internet, and obtaining the new license via download. At this point in time, Additional Copies are not available on the site. Backup copies of Retained Content will not currently work, and any DVD copies will not work either. Please watch the website for updates related to Additional Copies. Any updates will be posted here in the Terms and Conditions as well. Boom Content LLC may decide certain devices are allowed and compatible to obtain licenses to view and utilize Retained Content. If so, this will be indicated when you are downloading the content. That being said, the rights that you have to make Additional Copies of the Retained Content are only meant to be a convenience for you, the customer. It does not indicate that you own any copyright to the content in which you have downloaded, and it is not a grant or waiver related to the Retained Content in question. It is your responsibility to keep a permanent copy of any and all Retained Content that you purchase licenses for. If, for some reason, the download does not work, or it does not play correctly, it is recommended that you contact our Customer Service. They will work to fix the issue as quickly as possible. The contact information for Customer Service can be found at the end of this document. Once a successful download has occurred, however, Boom Content LLC will not replace the Retained Content in any circumstances. If you lose it, if the computer crashes and loses data, if the file becomes corrupted or damaged in anyway, or if any other issue occurs that causes the file to be unusable or missing, Customer Service will not be able to assist you. By downloading any Retained Content, you are in agreement that you are not gaining any rights to ownership. The license that you purchase does not grant those rights to you, and they are not a waiver of the rights of Boom Content LLC , those who license their products, and those who own any of the copyrights related to the Retained Content. Also, if you are in possession of Retained Content, you are not permitted to do anything to redistribute any of the licenses or the media that you are in possession of. You also cannot utilize the Retained Content in any way, other than what has been discussed here in the Terms and Conditions of this website. If there are any other regulations regarding Retained Content, and they are not listed here, but are listed in other areas of the website, those are considered to be part of the overall Download Terms and Conditions.


The Services offered by Boom Content LLC will only operate on the platforms that they have outlined via the website, whether it is related to software or hardware. That being said, you are the one that is responsible to ensure that you have the internet connection, the hardware, and the software that is appropriate and necessary to be able utilize the Boom Content LLC website. At any point, Boom Content LLC is also allowed to stop support for any platform, without granting notification of the change to their customers.


Title to Premium Content. Any Premium Content that is presented by Boom Content LLC or any other organizations through this website’s monthly services is owned by Boom Content LLC and the third parties, and those who license the property. That being said, any of the rights, including ownership, intellectual property, and/or Title, of the Premium Content is also owned by Boom Content LLC and the third parties, and those who license the property. Because of that, it is protected by any and all laws related to copyrights and trademarks, and other regulations that may apply. Unless it has been specified or made available to you via Boom Content LLC , the Download Terms and Conditions do not grant you a license or right to any of the Premium Content that you use; you are not allowed, in any sense, to distribute, copy, display, or do anything else to the Premium Content that is not explicitly allowed in these Download Terms and Services.


Account Termination Because of Violation All of the Download Terms and Conditions (and any licenses that you are granted, including those for Premium Content), are to be followed exactly. If you fail to do so, then your account may immediately be suspended or canceled indefinitely. If this occurs, then you are required, by law, to render any Premium Content unusable by destroying or deleting it; this includes any Retained Content that you may have as well. If your account is canceled due to a violation, Boom Content LLC does not have to notify you of it.

Termination for Other Reasons

Additionally, the Boom Content LLC has the right to eliminate the Download Terms and Conditions, and Boom Content LLC can also disallow admittance to any of the services provided on the site, at any point in time, for any reason at all. However, they are required to post a notice on their website or contact customers via electronic communications. Also, Boom Content LLC has the right to start, end, or cancel any of the services that the site provides. This can occur at any point in time, and for any reason at all, without granting notice to you or any other customers. Boom Content LLC is not liable to you, the customer, if it decides to use those rights.

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